Thursday, September 2, 2010

The frustrations of a busy day.

Outside it is now so dark that to see your hand in front of your face you have to lift it in salute to the bats to see it silhouetted against starlight. And what starlight! The Milky Way stretches like a star dragon in the ink dark blue.
I found some time to draw in between the hectic happenings of the day. Not enough, but some.
Tomorrow I hope to do a little more before catching the train.


  1. I searched high and low, but had to make do with a 'cow of time'! However, thanks to your tips, I now have a more organised routine and can squeeze some painting into an already full day!

    Best of luck with the travelling and for the Exhibition preview this weekend.x

  2. Night hasn't fallen here yet.. that was a lovely description of the Milky Way.
    Hope you have a restful night and manage to draw before catching the train...a have a vision of the night mail crossing the border running through my head now

  3. Hi Jackie, I love your mention of bats and the Milky Way, two things dear to my heart. Here in Australia we have flying foxes in the garden and the Milky Way overhead - both visitors of the night.

    I linked to you in my latest post. If you want the award please take it but I'm not really into passing on awards. I'd rather just tell people to visit you. All the best, Carol

  4. Hello Jackie: Thank you so much for the vision of the night sky. There are too many urban lights where I live to see properly all but the brightest of stars (perhaps that is a good thing). I received my copy of your Ice Bear and want to say thank you for the beautiful story and illustrations -- what a delight it is !!

    I see you are drawing ponies and foals -- will there be a story book in the future featuring these lovely free creatures -- I hope so.

    Stay safe on your journey.

  5. I shall be looking forward to seeing this one finished.

    Don't know what you call them in Wales, but here (Texas), a horse with coloration like that would be called a "pinto" or a "paint." ("Pinto" comes from the Spanish word for "painted.")

  6. Your workspace looks amazing, Jackie!


  7. Even when you are expressing frustration with so many projects and needing more time to accomplish them, I am very impressed with the quality of your work. Each drawing/painting has freshness and imagination.