Thursday, September 9, 2010

Green light

Early morning sunlight on vegetables made the garden beautiful. Later today I will turn the spinach into bhaji and the courgettes into a prawn and courgette Indian dish. For now they look glorious.
Much to do. In teh garden there is spinach and leeks, courgettes and beetroot, a few roses clinging to the memory of summer and some honeysuckle. Also passionflowers climbing and twisting up the wall and the drain pipe. And ginger cats. The flowers on Kiffer's grave are strong.

1. Sign books for The Mill.
2. Tidy up computer desk and work table. ( I keep buying things, and saying, I will put this on my desk. Soon there will be no room to work. But I have a beautiful Amanda Popham sculpture that needs to sit on a desk, so it needs space.)
3. Draw out and begin to paint KNRT calendar painting. ( Maybe squeeze in a ginger cat and a polar bear?)

4. Roughs for I Am Cat.
5. Blog post. ( Listening to the lovely Karine Polwart singing.)
6. Check that there is an Ice Bear Powerpoint, and dragons and Little Bear for trip away in October.
7. Make list.
8.Walk dogs.

10. Find moments to read The Anatomy of Ghosts by Andrew Taylor. ( This is my book for September from Mr B's Emporium and it will have to be a good one to follow on from the wonderful Hummingbird's Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea. His book still haunts me. Such a wonderful story so well told.)
11. Work on website and links on blog to website, and hang new work in The House of Golden Dreams.


  1. Are your passionflowers the kind that bear fruit? My uncle used to grow them and make jelly from the "maypops" -- a fond childhood memory. . .

    What splendid whiskers someone has --

    I've not heard of Karine Polwart. I will have to see what I can find of hers. We have some music in common -- Kevin Kendle's "Clouds" and "Butterflies" are well-loved favorites.

  2. Your ginger cat's eyes draw me into your garden, and the nasturtiams are beautiful.

  3. Very cool, there's an orb in the sun ray picture -- that's a good thing!

  4. I am so excited that I will be meeting you in Norfolk on your October trip. Looking forward to the powerpoint. Am also off to the Imagine Gallery next week.

  5. Mystery as well as beauty in those eyes!

  6. Green is my most favorite color, Jackie!

    What's the story behind the clump of feathers in the seventh pic?

    Did you just find them like that? Strange that a bird could lose so many all at once.


  7. Jackie, the cats (with a little opposable thumb help!) have sent a card to the Shoe Shop for Glyn.
    The tiles? Well, I've loved them for a very long time and am thinking of ordering a gecko...