Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sand and horses.

Home. I was only away for a few days and they were beautiful days of sunshine and warm winds, willow trees and herons, paintings and sculpture, old houses that tumbled and twisted and held hidden nests sculpted by wasps, flint, big skies, tall cloud castles and golden fields, lazy ousing rivers, lost lanes, lost villages. I travelled to Robin's by train, intending to work on roughs on the journey, but instead began to read and spent the next four hours in Mexico with The Hummingbird's Daughter. This is the best book I have read for years. I am sad to have reached the end of the story, so far, but love his blog and website.

Home now and the rain is singing on the roof. Heavy showers and blue sky, and I have much to do. Today is my birthday and Robin bought me an hourglass, because he knows of my musings on time. It is darkly perfectly beautiful, and I have found myself just sitting and watching the sands of time run through. (More on the Hour Glass later, when I have more time!)
Horse Feathers no.1, Mother and Child is finished and I have to move away from drawings for a short while to work on I Am Cat in time for Frankfurt Book Fair, and the KNTR foundation calendar piece that is already a month late.
And I want to post pictures of The Imagine Gallery.
And paint hummingbirds.


  1. What a great present. Have a lovely birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday. Another good time-waster - should you need one - is one of those thermometers of bubbles filled with different liquids that float up and down a fluid filled jar, as they heat up or cool down. Rather like a lava lamp powered by the sun. Mesmerising.

  3. Happy Birthday !and may there be many good stories in your following year,Renilde

  4. Happy Birthday Jackie!
    Glad you had a good time away...
    Watch out in case those gingers decide to bring you presents for your birthday too...
    Carrie... :)

  5. Jackie:

    Wishing you the merriest of birthdays !! Celebrate to your heart's content !!

  6. Happy Birthday! May you have a year full of time, hummingbirds, horses and ginger darlings!


  7. Beautiful drawing Jackie, as always :D

    Love the hourglass, don't be too seduced by it ;D

    ps, your previous posts about your art and it's worth have given me so much to think about and a new and important perspective. I can't thank you enough.x

  8. Happy Birthday! and many happy returns of the day!

    The horse drawing is coming along very nicely. What a great title for the series. Made me laugh aloud. Very appropriate. Your friend Robin has you figured out pretty well, judging from his very appropriate and beautiful gift.

  9. Happy Birthday Jackie...and I am in awe of your pencil shading on the the beautiful 'Horse Feathers'!

  10. Happy Birthday, Jackie! You gave me a present today: I listened to the audio of you reading THE ICE BEAR. Thank you ... a very special treat to be gifting us all. Best wishes for this coming year.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Jackie!!

    The hourglass is such a unique gift!