Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finding cats

Working hard on drawings for I Am Cat and I have had help from the cats, but especialy Pixie who managed to cat-sneak into my studio in order to act as editor and designer, and life model all rolled into one.
Putting the pages together so that they work as a book, illustrate the text, add to the words, is always difficult, especialy when there are so few words.

Small sketches come first, doodling around a design, asking questions. Like dreams, in my head I can see these in colour as finished pieces, the drawings just remind me later, what goes where and how. And sometimes pages change altogether.

The sketch above is for the last but one page and I realised half way through that it needed to change to be more intimate, closer.
Still have a cougar and a leopard to find.  


  1. This will be a lovely book--the more so for the input of your "helpers"---its a book I will need to own.
    My cat helpers and I have been painting walls--not nearly so creative, but necessary.

  2. I can hardly wait to get this book in my hands. I know we've awhile to wait yet but thus far it's so amazing. You truly know how to capture the spirit of your subjects which is what makes each illustration come to life (and I'm sure why you are such an amazing artist!) Simply stunning! Your sketches could be auctioned off!

  3. fascinating glimpse of a work in progress
    Thank you

  4. I like the "jagular!" I also like the bobcat and the two owls beside him/her. The poor lion looks like he's had a rough day -- I can certainly empathise -- LOL!

  5. It's great to see your thumbnails, thanks Jackie... I like the composition of the parrot flying over the swimming cat, and the more intimate cat and girl sketch works really well...
    You certainly have plenty of life models to work from! Will have to show this to my cat mad daughters... :)

  6. I can see what you mean about the intimacy of the girl/cat on the last-but-one page being better for the book, but the bigger one with the cat's portrait as the central image is my favorite... looks so much like my Lucciano it takes my breath.

    The pun of Leaks and Leeks from the roof beams is priceless, Dear J! Thanks for the smile on this drizzly day.

  7. I love your sketches Jackie! you should do a book of them.