Thursday, September 23, 2010


This time last year I had a new roof put on the house. Now I have raised beds that have grown out of left over building materials and old roof beams.
And I have leeks from the old roof beams, but a different kind to the leeks I had last year.
Courgettes are still growing, and beetroots and spring onions which are so lovely to pull fresh with the lambs lettuce for lunch.
Today I started painting for I Am Cat. I have until Tuesday to get the dummy book and a spread to London in time for the presentation meeting for Frankfurt. 


  1. Please invite me to supper before you have eaten the lot.
    By the way, the Cat book looks like it is going to be fantastic.

  2. Beautiful garden photos, and I love the Cat painting. Your work is nothing but magic to me.

  3. How great that you could recycle material left over from replacing your roof. You must have a quite green thumb -- even before you've been painting -- LOL!

  4. The leek soup looks savory and good. Just last night I spent much good coin on some organic leek at the local Whole Foods. Lucky you to have it handy.

  5. Jackie: your garden looks lovely -- so green and lush. Come September in northern California everything turns to the the golden hues of a lion's mane. I think that our green world is starting to get ready for it's winter hibernation !

    Enjoy your garden while you can !!

    PS: Question: what material did you use to fashion your raised bed cages ?? They look wonderful in keeping way naughty birds and squirrels !!

  6. Ha! Nice play on words: leeks from the roof beams! I think your "courgettes" are what we call zucchini..made some wonderful zucchini bread this summer. Looking forward to seeing your cat paintings.

  7. I've never grown leeks and have been wondering if we are now in a good place to do that.
    Trying to decide if the netting over the raised beds is to ward of birds or to keep cats from thinking that spot is a huge litter box.