Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Imagine

Time slides in the sand of the hour glass, falling steadily, elegantly away. Time ticks with the waving arm of a Chinese lucky cat, tick, tick, ticking in my studio. Time hangs heavy around my neck in the Alice in Wonderland necklace from The Imagine Gallery.
I have much to do.
Today, all I wish to achieve is to do a page of photographs in order to share the wonderful place that is The Imagine Gallery with a wider world.
Also to do a rough for KNTR calendar and then get to work on the artwork tomorrow. And to think about and begin work on the roughs and an image for I Am Cat, which is the book that comes after the Nursery Rhymes which seems to be called A Rhyme in Time. At least I hope it is.


  1. I Loved the painting of the fox hung over those fabulous fox scuptures. Your photography is very good. I especially liked the diamond pattern of the flint on the wall. Another artistic endeavor perhaps?

  2. The Gold leaf sets off the cats fur beautifully.. a lovely set of photos ..Thankyou
    I must confess a fondness for the Lavenham Owl too :0)

  3. Thanks for the virtual tour. I'm glad the opening went well and that you were able to be there for it. Wish you'd had somebody take a pix of you and John at the opening, with you in your "pirate coat" with your lovely new necklace on. . .

  4. Wonderful! I've only ever been into one gallery where I liked most of what was in there...I suspect 'Imagine' would be the second, if I ever get to set foot in there one day. I especially love the sculptures, all of them, but I REALLY love those 'queens' and the woman on the bird. I also love the brick floor...just perfect all round!

  5. What a COOL necklace, Jackie!!

    So clever and unique looking!

    Now I want one!

    There are treasures to be found at that gallery!


  6. Jackie, your life is SO IDYLLIC! With the early morning sunshine on beetroots, and the wonderful Alice necklace. Honestly, I bet you have a wishing well in your garden (that actually works) and magical relics hidden in the cosy nooks of your studio. Thankyou SO MUCH for sharing, you've changed my morning.