Thursday, September 2, 2010

List upon list and slow progress.

One of the things that I loved at the Dylan Thomas museum was seeing the lists that he made, usualy in pencil, wandering over paper. Random lists. Lists of words that rhymed, tumbling down a page, shopping lists, lists of things that he needed to pack to go to America. I have to go to Suffolk tomorrow and as usual there is too much to do today. My life is being controlled by lists, so here is yesterday's list and todays, which I am moving through slowly, although in both I forgot to leave room for pleasant happenstance.
It is the publication date today of my book The Ice Bear, and my very clever friend Jane Messore has made an audio file of me reading the book. Soon it will have visuals and sound effects too. How good it is to have very clever friends.

For now I will set the Chicken Timelord and settle down to draw. I have a head full to bursting with ideas and need to get things captured in the pages of my sketchbook. But for now I want to work on my Horse Feathers drawing. And I notice from yesterdays list that I wanted to find time to read and didn't, so perhaps I will, later, walk the dogs to the high hill top and take my book and read while the warm summer wind makes the grass dance like the sea.


  1. Good luck with the lists
    Many Congratulations on the book!!!!
    (Hope you manage to include pleasant happenings in your day :0) )

  2. word lists, phrase lists, title lists...they are fun to make, to maintain (in haphazard manner, but of course:)...

    Many congratulations on your book publication!


  3. Ooooh the walk with a good book sound perfect, hope you get to fit those in. I'm running round like a headless chicken preparing for our upcoming vacation this weekend. Just when I think I have everything under control I remember 10 things I've forgotten. I'm sure a list would come in really useful but I have a real aversion to them and they stress me out more. :0)

  4. I love your to do lists, they remind me of my 8 year old son and is notebooks. There is the "to do list" book, the "inventions" book, the "four projects book", "my special book for...".
    He needs two more...1

  5. Congrats on the debut of your new book!

    Would "Soon it will have visuals and sound effects too." have anything to do with the "sign and post contract to Mass Animation" mentioned on your list?

    So now I have to Google for "The Hummingbird's Daughter" -- such an intriguing title.

  6. No, not Mass Animation. That is something else that is happening very slowly and though I haven't posted any of the pics for that I will one day. Something to look forward to. The Ice Bear is being put together for me by my friend Jane who works even more than me, who paints, takes photographs, make films, does my prints and many other mysterious things. She has more apple computers than it is right for one woman to play with and is lovely and incredibly supportive. So, she recorded me reading The Icebear and if you fancy a bedtime story you can get that following the link, but she is also putting together a slide show of the images with it.

  7. I cannot help but think how magical such an audio/video presentation would be for a disabled child who could not manipulate a book.

    I have just received my copies of "The Snow Leopard" and "Tell Me A Dragon" -- which I am saving as a reward for when I have been very good and have reached the production goals I have set for myself at work. Not too fond of sticks, but I do love those dangling carrots -

  8. Bah!

    Lists are too constricting for me!