Thursday, May 27, 2010

Each day a continuous dance of curious creatures and colour

1. Draw chickens ( a carry over from yesterday's list)
2. Walk dogs.
3. Get daughter to physics exam, son to school, parcel to be collected, pick up washing, bring daughter, son and washing home, send parcel to America.
4. Do roughs for The Inheritance, Wolf Brother and The Rheindeer People.
5. Make list.
6. Try and get cats to vets before bank holiday weekend.
7. Try not to be overwhelmed by the muddle of creatures tangled inside head ( a giant panda's child, some angels, a hare or two, the moon, a cat, some wolves, a rheindeer, musicians and bears, a ship, a pirate, Venice, Alexander the Great and a menagerie of curious creatures and a partridge and a pear and beneath it all a newly hatched dragon in search of a story)

Oh no! I just sat down on the bed in a pool of sunshine that looked as if the sun had thrown a warm shawl onto the bed for me, and moments later I woke up. And yet it seemed that two hours had gone by!


  1. Your lists sound as wonderfully surreal as your life - that is a lot of creatures to have muddled in a mind :)

  2. Too bad you can't send the washing to the US. :)

  3. Pools of sunshine can do that to cats and humans. Sounds lovely to me

  4. I think your Angel and Panda put that pool of sunshine there to refresh you in your creation of them. Don't fret. Appreciate that they were so caring.