Thursday, May 6, 2010


One of my photos has made it through to the Visit Wales Spring Photo competition. Feeling blue a little because it is from the camera that died a terrible squashed death at the weekend, alone beneath the wheels of a car. Although it is labelled St Davids Airfield the photo was taken up the hill behind my house on the rock where I love to write. The ponies were the colour of the bone white lichen that grows so slowly over the stones. The sky so blue and quiet as the sky was closed to traffic.
The winner is decided by how many people go to the page and click the like button, so please do, and invite friends, family, lovers and spouses, children and pets and weasels to do so too. Follow the link here to vote.

Today's list.
1. Think
2. Draw.
3. Prepare snowleopard for a long journey.
4. Take poor Martha to the vets.
5. Cook supper.
6. Pick up dragons and seals and whales and leopards from shoe shop.
7. Walk dogs.

There is a tangle of twigs in the dark thorn branches outside my studio. Magpies are very busy visiting it. As they fly to it there is a flash of white reflected light across my studio walls and the sound of wings. They are so busy. Their chicks must have hatched. Time flies on the wings of pied birds.


  1. I'm off to vote now. I commented how I liked that photo at the time, although my comments to you always seem to get lost. You can claim for the camera on your insurance surely?

  2. Jackie I 've clicked on that link and it takes me back to your facebook album but with no Like button. Am I being v. dense?


  3. Wow! you have horses in your neighborhood !!!!!!

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  5. The soft white coats of these horses makes this a lovely photo. I went over to vote and it says I must sign up for Facebook, something I haven't done yet.

  6. I think I voted. Couldn't find the like button.
    PS. Fab photo.

  7. Oh sorry to hear Martha's poorly. Have a hug, Jackie.And a purr from G & S

  8. Jackie, I got to the link but there was no "like" button, only the list of people who "liked" it. I'll try again later as I love your photos too.

  9. Sorry KAte, you have to go to the Visit Wales front page and click their Like button first as it is just another way for them to gather followers. Sometimes they have interesting things on.

  10. Charming photo. I like what is crossed off your list...the important things!

    Wanted you to know that there is an award for you at my blog....this post. Just for fun and with thanks for both of your blogs.

  11. congratulations on your photo! If it is this one, I can see why, it is wonderful. Sorry to hear about your camera~ I love your list.

  12. Hope Martha, the Wise One will soon be alright.

  13. We hope Martha is better... some of us are old, too. But the weather here in Oregon (which is a lot like Scotland, she tells us) is warming for Spring and we can sit in the sun. The younger cats need Marhta's wisdom, and we wish her well.