Sunday, May 23, 2010

This weekend.

It has been a weekend full of people as two good friends married each other, and Pembrokeshire put on the finest show of good weather to honour the occasion. Clear blue and hot.
This morning Robin and I parked at Whitesands and walked slowly home with much sitting on cliffs watching the water. Now the evening is cool and the moon rides the sky and I am thinking to go and hunt that moment when the day rolls away and the night comes in, and to watch the moon, translucent in sunshine, grow bright with the rule of the night. All day the little people of the air buzzed and flitted on bright wings. I saw my first bright fresh dragonfly of the summer. Now the moth time is coming.


  1. Wow, every time I see that water, I am reminded of the years I lived in on a Greek island in the Aegean... amazing!

    And I was gifted with a luna moth wing the other day... it glided from the big hemlock by the front door as I passed and landed at my feet. I would have preferred to see the luna moth alive and well, but, if she had to die, at least I was gifted with her wing....

  2. That sea is stunning, so glad your friends had such weather luck for their wedding!
    I love the moth time too, and sat out till midnight round the fire last night to watch all the changes of twilight and listen to the night's soft sounds...
    Best wishes

  3. Whenever I go to Europe I'm always amazed by how blue the sky is.

  4. I love the moth time. Unfortunately, where I live it is also the mosquito time.