Thursday, May 27, 2010

A short and achievable list of hopeful things to do.

1. Tom to school on time.
2. Walk dogs.
3. Draw things i) chickens ii) roughs for Christmas card.
4. Finish MBF Christmas card.
5. Phone Harper Collins, again, re Robin Hobb covers.
( and now I know that I have 3 covers to do for end of June, one Robin Hobb, two Megan Lindholm's, and a package of wonderful books on the way in the post)

Best leave it at that as it looks achievable, and see what happens next.

Wind wrinkled watercolour sea while walking dogs.

nb. add to list DRAW DRAGON FOR EVELYN.

 Shortly after doodling these I fell into a pleasant sleep.

Things I have also done: 
1.Popped around next door when I could hear voices in the garden and saw Glyn and Nadolig, both looking well, though Nadolig has a torn ear that needs to be looked at, for he has been courting the lady cats.
2. Looked around and seen that my studio is such a mess and really does need a thorough tidy up. But then not tidied up.
3. Thought about wings.
4.Remembered to pick up son from school.
5. Been shipwrecked on a coral reef while reading. 


  1. I love seeing your sketches, lovely spirit in each one. Such a lovely place you live, wild beauty.

  2. Hmm, this makes me VERY curious about what the Robin+Megan books are. Reprints? The anthology? Can you drop any hints? :)

  3. The Inheritance is one, short stories by Hobb and Lindholm in a bind up hard back. The other two are repackaged Wolf Brother and Rheindeer People. I love these. Hoping the others will follow. Not sure what she is working on now but you can be certain it will be wonderful.

  4. Oh, this is very exciting! I love Wolf's Brother/Reindeer people, it's good to know it will be back in print. :) Thanks for answering. :)

  5. I was thinking of emailing you but have been missing in action over the weekend attending to my spiritual journey and meeting again my family and a friend long gone.

    Maybe one popped in to see you and whisper in your ear - I bet it was my friend who passed on far too young and is missed always - though both my Dad and paternal Grandmother (who I never met) both came from Lower Fishguard so who knows.