Saturday, May 29, 2010

MBF, watercolour, song.

Waking early in the morning to the sound of heavy rain. A watercoloured kind of day. At the airfield we arrived just as the rain stopped and the skylarks took to the air to celebrate. Back home tried to avoid the confusion of too many things to do by finishing the Christmas card design for the MBF. A little more work tomorrow and it should be done, then only:
1) Hobb and Lindholm covers x3 by end June
2) Get on with Nursery Rhymes.
3) Christmas card for Shalom House Hospice Trust.
4) Work in prep for Art in Action
5) ???????? otherwise known as the mystery US project that I can't talk about.
6) Writing up Panda story.
7) Roughs for cat book.
8) Prep for school visits to Hertfordshire/St Albans including Federation of Children's Book Groups evening session.

So, I have spent the day smudging a piece of paper with coloured water whilst listening to Jennifer Warnes smudging the air with the Songs of Leonard Cohen.


  1. Breathe.
    Sending you lots of white light and energy so you can finish a few things on your list and have a moment for yourself.

  2. Your home seems almost mythical.
    The illustrations blue is stunning - I wish you the best of luck with that daunting list.