Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Evening pots

My friend Adam Buick has a kiln opening at his studio at the weekend. Walking past this evening, a collection of pots that for one or other reason didn't make the grade looked stunning in the evening light. Even these sing of the earth from which they were made in a unique and beautiful way.

Adam will also be at Art in Action at Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire, in July.


  1. Would love to be closer and go to the opening, but too many oceans to traverse before I could get there.
    Those pots didnt make the grade, as you say they look stunning an just one would bring me joy.

  2. These are the ones that DIDN'T make the grade?! Gorgeous, and what an amazing view!

  3. I'm sorry to sound frivolous but are his trousers falling off?