Sunday, May 16, 2010

Short list.

1. Paint mice.

Other things I did.
1. Walked the dogs over the hills and down to the sea to look for seals and found bluebells and honeysuckle and a long legged foal  and a bright white gannet.
2. Walked through the horses to find Jan and John and say thanks for the present for looking after horses.
3. Walked in the twilight beneath the criss cross of bats.
4. Drew hares with wings.


  1. Absolutely beautiful Jackie, what an inspiration you are, thank you.

  2. I fear it is cunning paintings such as these which are responsible for our dilemma of what to do with a mother mouse and three babies who have most inconveniently taken up residence in a piece of farm machinery we need to use. How does one relocate a mouse family?