Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stop, look, listen.

Things to do today.
1. Work out what day it is today.
2. Get back to the land of nursery rhymes and try and get at least 2 spreads done.
3. Remember to think about Christmas.
4. Walk dogs.
5. Water horses.
6. Wait, with patience, to hear from America. Wait, wait. ( Feeling really nervous)
7. Spend at least 15 minutes lying in a field watching swallows fly.
8. Think.
9. Listen. This morning I just stood and listened to Chris Wood singing Hugh Lupton and Chris's  wonderful song 'One in a Million' a poetic piece of storytelling in song, wonderful. Now there is rainsong on the roof. Earlier, horses breathing deep the scent of summer on grass while a whitethroat sang in a willow tree.
10. Write list.


  1. "..sing? sing? what shall I sing?..."

    I wonder how many people still make puddings that need string?

  2. Oh my goodness. Your work is just exquisite.

  3. Love the lady riding the tiger cat. Your list looks similar to mine. I try to sandwich the yukky stuff between the glistening stuff.
    ps Is there someone here in America that I should give a kick in the ass to?

  4. A lovely lively painting!
    We have swallows nesting in our front porch again, the muds still wet on the nest and I can see them roosting on the ledge through the glass above the door...
    Last year we could see the chick peeping out whenever we went out to get the post! And the fledglings all line up on the telegraph wire outside the bedroom window waiting for the courage to fly...
    Oops I'm sorry, I seem to be rambling on (& on)about swallows!
    Carrie... :)

  5. Is everything okay, Jackie? It's three days since you wrote to us - is the American issue giving you grief?

    Take care