Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothwing, water and an exultation of larks.

Quietly working away at a new project that might be very exciting and interesting and challenging, but at the moment is unusually secret. I have until Tuesday to get something done. It is so long since I have worked for a new client and nerves have chewed at my brain and now I am lost inside it and hoping I have not diverted to a tangent only I will understand. Maybe not lost, the wrong word, absorbed by, absorbed to distraction.  I muse on water, the stars, the sun and the moon, moths, wings, night and space. I walk and listen to the larks exulting and to the cuckoo.

My camera has returned, battered, bruised, sad and useless as anything other than a reminder not to put anything in that pocket again. The cats, fed up with watching me sit and look at the phone when it rings, until it stops, have started answering it for me. And the cats have more followers than me on their blog. I am not jealous of my own cats. There are six of them and only one of me.

In Suffolk John has taken delivery of the first of the large hare drawings framed in the white gold frames. I should be having an exhibition with him in September.


  1. Glad you are not jealous of your cats....! They have many followers 'cause YOUR imagination, your beautiful, creative spirit sings through them with wonderful resonance....

    I just finished reading Barbara Kingslover's "Prodigal Summer", very mothy, should you want more moths woven in with a touching story....

    Sounds like a magical world to be absorbed in right now!

  2. your first paragraph reads like a dreamy poem that I slid right into and enjoyed each word along the way. Wishing you all that you need to breath life into your wonderful secret project.

  3. Oooh. Exhibition in Suffolk. That sounds great for us East Anglians.

  4. I love your first paragraph musings...that delicious time when new ideas are forming and everything seems to somehow link in and every moment is an 'ah ha' moment as you see more and more 'tangents' spiraling outwards from (or perhaps inwards to) the central idea. Then of course, the hard part starts, when you have to narrow things down, define, edit, dispense with beautiful notions that perhaps have spun just a little too far offside, and you can't fit it all in anyway!