Sunday, November 28, 2010


In the summer the tree hangs heavy with honeysuckle, in the winter, birds. Today, sparrows, bluetits, greatits, starlings, speckled bright, blackbirds, beaks dipped in bright gold, chaffinch, greenfinch, rook, jackdaw and magpie, pied wagtails, dunnock, robins. And outside on the bright privet a glorious bullfinch.
They come not long after dawn and all day the garden is busy with wings. An hour before the light fades, but after the sun has gone down they settle into warm places to wait until the coming of the new light again.
Walking up the hill I could hear lapwings call and small snipe in the bracken.
It has been a day of birds.


  1. A day of birds, how lovely! We saw a parakeet in a tree near the Thames today. :)

  2. You should get Adam Buick to make you some nesting jugs and bird bottles to stash about, not just for spring nesting sites but for respite nests from the winter cold:

  3. You are a dear to put up feeders for birds in winter! If the forecasts are correct, it's likely to be a bitter cold one this year.

  4. How wonderful is the place where you reside! Oh how I wish I could hear Lapwings.