Thursday, November 11, 2010


A day of wild weather and now the wind is lashing the side of the house, slamming itself in a fury at the walls. It is very dark, although stars shine. I am glad that I finished Dark Matter by Michelle Paver before the dark descended. ( This was my book from Mr B's this month and when I opened it I was a little worried as I did not read The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. But right from teh first I found it compulsive)
I tried to work in peace. A whole day strectch ahead full of hope this morning. Parcels dropped off where they should be, children at school then away for the evening. But fate had other ideas and anger and frustration set in and some work was done, but nowhere near enough. Nowhere near enough.
Tomorrow is another day. Will try again. And will also try to tackle the mess monster around what I hope this time will be serious hours of working steadily.



  1. Speaking of mess monsters, I'm plagued by a whole tribe of them. Let me know if you discover a tactic that will vanquish them. Oh, dear. I've already way overspent my book budget, and now here's two more I want to read.

  2. I love your work bench and the light in the first looks so warm.

  3. I ordered "Dark Matter" this morning after reading your post--it does sound quite compelling from the reviews. Thanks for the tip!
    BTW--I am ever so jealous of your wonderful studio. Looks so warm, cozy, and totally relaxing to work in! Though I think I would probably spend way too much time staring out the windows and dreaming...

  4. It is the very first time I have ever had a studio space that is just that, although a friend is making me a bed to go in it so that I can 'sit and think' about work, and sleep with the difficult work. The bed goes under a window so that you can watch teh stars, but then I never shut my curtains in my bedroom, unless the weather is truely awful, so that when I wake in the night I can watch the pattern of the stars. Huge windows. Big sky.