Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas is coming

Things that are for sale, and might be useful for Christmas.
1. Red winged angel card for Shalom House Hospice Trust. Entitled "Red wings and a crown of hares", 5 cards per pack, £3.00. Inside the words say Seasons Greetings/ Cyfarchion y Tymor. Available from Rachel Davis ( email )
The original painting is also available for sale from The House of Golden Dreams

2.  Mugs and cards available from the Musicians Benevolent Fund, and at last the online shop is up and running.

3. Books. The best place to buy these is from local independent bookshops, which are always a joy to visit. Signed copies are available online from Solva Woollen Mill, and I will be doing a book signing at the mill on 27th November from 5 pm. I am also working on a drawing of a polar bear and every book bought from the mill, either online or from the mill comes with a raffle ticket. At the end of the evening the winning ticket will be drawn from a hat and the winner gets the drawing.

4. A new painting, Two Cheetahs, Two Cherries. £850, unframed. Available from The House of Golden Dreams.


  1. These are lovely Jackie, oh how I wish I had £850 for The Two Cheetahs!!! If I win the lotto this evening... it's a Rollover!

    Hope your week-end is a good one!

  2. The crown of hares and red wings is beautiful x

  3. And why is it that I am so very bad Ms Evans?