Friday, November 19, 2010


Working on Baa Baa Blacksheep and having a book launch at Solva Woollen Mill and this week has been National Wool Week, so I have been thinking about wool.
But I have spent the day running around in circles and getting nowhere. Some days are like that.
So, I have posted things to my accountant and a couple of things to a couple of other people. I have tried to tidy up and in so doing found things that I was supposed to post to my accountant. Oops. I have found something in the freezer, some of it cow and some of it venison, I think, and can now smell it cooking in beer and thyme and bayleaf and onions. I have made the bed with clean sheets, put the washing in the machine and forgotten about it, made the fire, chopped wood, thought a lot but not with any focus. But I have not really made any marks on paper.
But I have taken photos of my knitting in the hope that this will spur me on to make it grow a little. And I have found my scarf in the hope that I can weave it in to my painting.



  1. Jackie: I think your knitting is fabulous !! When you posted the pattern some time back I thought "What a marvel Jackie is"-- was really impressed with the intricate pattern and beautiful colour of the wool. My knitting is just back and forth and turns out to be some sort of abstract piece string -- humpf.

    Days without direction can be wonderful and you need to savor those times because, in the end you will get back on track -- it may not always be the right one, but you will get back to what is important none the less.

    Please let the Gingers know I have a new kitten -- Henry by name and Siamese by breed. I found him in my garden very dehydrated and covered in fleas -- he is doing well now, however my two white knights (Finn and Levi) have not warmed up to to new comer. Hisses all around !!

    Take Care,

  2. After decades (ack!) of knitting "American" style "throwing" the yarn with my right hand, I am in the process of teaching myself to knit continental style where you hold the yarn in your left hand and "pick" it with your right needle. I've only been at it a few weeks and I'm just now getting the tension correct, but it is so much faster! I envy you the ability to read those intricate patterns. That sweater is going to be a real treat when it's done.