Sunday, November 7, 2010

A very special offer.

On November 27th, from 5pm, Solva Woollen Mill, Middlemill, Pembrokeshire will be having a book launch for The Ice Bear. I will be there signing books, hopefully with feathers in my hair and pen in hand. During the evening each book bought will have a raffle ticket with it and at the end of the evening a ticket will be pulled out of a box or a hat and the winner will get the drawing seen above. To make this fair for people who live a long long way from Pembrokeshire this will also apply to all books bought from the mill's online shop. All books at the mill are signed, with best wishes. The drawing is an original sketch in pencil of the Ice Bear Mother, on board. The image above is an 'almost finished' as I will probably fiddle a bit with it over the next few days. The offer applies to all of my books at Solva Woollen Mill, not just The Ice Bear and they have most titles there.

On Friday I heard that Tell Me a Dragon had been nominated for the CILIP Kate  Greenaway Medal. All the dragons in the book have their claws crossed that they make it through to the shortlist to be announced in April of next year.


  1. Ok, I forgive you, fab competition x

  2. To be able to support an independent shop, buy quality literature and enter a competition for a beautiful drawing of my son's favourite animal. How wonderful!

  3. The mill has many beautiful things, including wonderful Vanessa Arbuthnot fabrics. It also has three fine cats and smells of wool. All the time that you are there a strange mill-music clunks away with a wonderful rhythm of weaving as rugs are made and I find it fascinating seeing how they make single strands into beautiful runners and rugs.

  4. All that, and history too! It sounds lovely. One of the many places I'd want to visit if I could -- but I'd have to take an allergy pill beforehand as I'm allergic to wool.

  5. so disappointed that I cannot order from the USA, I would so love a signed copy and an opportunity to win the drawing.

  6. I love your drawings ...
    Greetings from Germany

  7. I'm off to nosy around the website right now (maybe find some fabulous Christmas pressies, maybe just something lovely for my selfish self!)

    Congrats on the Kate Greenaway nomination though - that must be thrilling.

  8. Hi Jackie,

    Congrats to the nomination, although I didn't know about all the news going on the timing for this little lovely story might not be too bad neither..:)

    Greetings from Rodrigues