Monday, November 15, 2010

Elegant measures

I have measured out my time.
Hours spent painting.
With a kitchen timer shaped like a chicken, sitting ticking away minutes until the bell rings.
With a pomodoro timer on my phone, a tick and a whir and a measure.
With an hour glass where a line of sand falls from one sphere of glass to another. One glass diminishes while the other glass fills and another hour passes.
At night, when I wake, the time passing is spent watching the movement of stars across the sky as the earth tips.
And now with music as I have been introduced to Spotify. And I have discovered Sigur Ros. One hour playlists of wonderful music.
The most elegant is the hour glass. Silent poetry of passing time. And the movement of stars.


  1. A couple of years ago I saw Sigur Ros at Latitude. It was a magical experience.

  2. I noticed your handsome hourglass in a recent post and admired it. I had not heard of one hour playlists.

  3. I really like the words,
    'Silent poetry of passing time.And the movement of the stars.'