Sunday, November 14, 2010

On the beach today, then home to work.

On the beach, a fall of flowers. The unwanted gift from a casual lover? A funeral tribute? A curious sea spray of carnations? 
Back home, working through time marked by a line of falling sand.


And meanwhile the house stands against the wind, dreaming of summer, while birds flit through the garden and rosehips wait for the coming of redwings.


  1. Nice pix of your little cottage and Adam's jar in the garden. How intriguing about the carnations -- and teasing-- there must be a story to them. One can't help but wonder what it might be.

  2. I wonder- any news of that little seal who you posted about a few posts ago? Is he/she OK? Did mother come get him/her? I can hear seal songs in the winds....

  3. Very beautiful post. I love viewing your blog and seeing wee glimpses into your world, your art and your words.

  4. Wonderful post. It makes everything appear dreamlike and magical. When I find little gifts like that by the sea, I like to imagine that they were coughed up by the deep ocean just for me!

  5. It sounds like you are having a very good and poetic day with nature.

  6. Your little cottage is beautiful, I love all your things!

    Like Valerianna, I too would like to hear news of the sorry little seal, how I hope he recovered?

    Jane x

  7. I could sooooo nestle into your cozy studio to draw for the day.... Lovely.
    Beautiful art too by the way! :)
    Is that a little rabbit next to your hourglass?