Monday, November 22, 2010


On Friday I sat infront of my drawing board. I wanted to put Little Bo Peep into the painting for Baa Baa Black Sheep. There are pages through the book that I want to link up with characters appearing in teh background for other rhymes. I had already drawn out the woman walking the sheep, with her knitting. Try as I could nothing would come to mind so on Saturday I decided to just get one with the painting. Only then did I realize that she was already there. As I continued to paint her I realized that I not only had painted Little Bo Peep, but Little BoHo Peep.


  1. Jackie I love it!! And the canine companion :) x

  2. Naughty Rosie seems to be playing in character stealing fiddling sticks and balls of wool through out the book. Just hope the publisher puts the pages in the right order, and the right way up!

  3. Spectacular! I love the texture of Baa Baa Black Sheep, it seems that you can touch!

  4. Aaaw Jackie, Rosie looks just like my pup with the wool :D I love this picture so much and if there was ever any need to surround yourself with lovely animals, then it's got to be for inspiration!
    (there you go pup, that's why you're here :D )

  5. Magical!
    Her knitting is spectacular!
    Your painting is just inspirational.