Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Wish List

Thinking about sheep, painting a new cheetah.
On Amazon, wish lists make me think. 
A wish spoken is a wish broken, so I have written my list on a type writer, and taken a picture of it. 

Wishes can be added as comments.


  1. I wish that I get another art commission soon and don't have to use the money for anything other than purchasing a Jackie Morris Cheetah for my very own.

  2. I think you've just about summed it up! ;) x

  3. I wish a lovely November and December for you, as you create your cheetah art, and your beautiful spot on earth.

  4. I wish for:
    1. Quiet time.
    2. Infinite time to walk through the countryside.
    3. A telly free house.
    4. Enough money to let me stay at home all day and draw and paint.
    5. The Patience of a saint.
    6. Wings.

  5. a de-stressed and healthy other half.

    happy and contented kids

    just a pocketful of time for needle felting.

  6. I love this, such a beautiful list...I especially like the machine that gathers the hours other people spend watching the X-Factor! If you ever find a small dragon to whisper you stories, please ask if it has a elderly relative who might perhaps like to live in the warm antipodes with a chronically disorganised artist and frustrated scribbler.

  7. If you find the self cleaning house let us know. . .

  8. If wishes were horses, I'll take a pegasus and a unicorn, please.

  9. oooh how i wish i too had a little dragon and all the time people spend watching x factor, (that made me giggle!) Your illustrations are beutiful, you are a very talented lady and you have a gorgeous blog.
    Happy weekend to you (i hope is snows secretly)

  10. A home, filled with loved ones (both human and canine)
    A garden
    A multi-fuel stove
    A quiet heart
    Fulfilling work
    Music and art
    A garage in which to do welding
    Good health and contentment to all those I love

  11. Happy, healthy children.
    A writing shed.

  12. Ooh! Ooh! And time run more and wood for the stove and a cloud to float on and look down on the world on balmy summer days!

  13. I wish for an end to frustrations and waiting with bated breath and hiding behind sofas for fear of what might be said.
    I also wish for more gigglings and delightedness in the small things
    and more songs

  14. My wish list has changed in the last hour. I had wished for the Elixir of Life to be able to heal my mother and my Father-in-Law. My father in Law just passed away in the middle of the night, and I can now only wish for strength for my husband to bear it.

    Other wishes will come in time, but this is all I can wish for right now, as well as peace for John, wherever he is now.

  15. Your wish list is magical!
    As always your words enchant just as much as your paintings....