Saturday, August 7, 2010

A new kid on the block.

Walking today and on the stone beach a new pup rested its head on a stone pillow. Back home in the garden the butterflies were dancing wild, sun shining through colour stained wings.

In my studio Robin and I moved furniture to make space for a desk for my computer. I wondered how a room could get so messy, so dirty in only a year. Now the space looks wonderful. 

And I have a new baby, something to play with.



  1. Here's hoping for some wonderful things written on it.

  2. Seems strange that seal pups would be born in the late summer, instead of spring - when they would have all summer to grow and become strong before winter weather set in. But then it may have more to do with when food is most plentiful than weather. Their light coats certainly provide them with good camoflage against the light-colored rocks.

  3. Great pics, I love seeing the seal pup. Love the work space too, looks great.

  4. all your photos are wonderful, but that new pup has my heart!

  5. It all looks so magical, Jackie.

  6. The new seal pup is beautiful. I love your revamped studio too. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with the typewriter!

  7. I adore the top photo of the butterfly in blurred motion!

    Typewriter? What's that? LOL.

    There's something so lovely about the clicks and clangs of a vinatge machine like that!