Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tap tap tippity tap tap, ping.

Thinking aloud in the pages of my sketchbook. Cheetahs and goldfinches, and clover.

The fields around here are full with clover. Amazing how beautiful these flowers are on close inspection.

Typewriters are multiplying in my studio, a small Olympia and a larger one that is more brittle. I would still like an old fashioned portable black typewriter with gold paint on. There is something about the way that you have to write on a typewriter. I think perhaps they would be good for poetry, because you have to think very carefully about what you write before your fingers begin to move as any mistaykes you mite make cannott be easily reckdefyd.

Meanwhile John Foley arived and I tormented him with paintings that were sold that he can't have for the exhibition, showed him sketches for work in mind, and seals sleeping on smooth stone beaches. We then went to The Shed at Porthgain and they fed me mussels while I signed books, so they now have a good stock, including The Ice Bear, which will be published on Thursday, the same day as Seamus Heaney's new book of poetry.
I am looking forward to seeing the photos from John's visit.


  1. Oh, you mustn't tease the nice man so with paintings he can't have. Tsk! You must draw the lion at such behavior!

    And the baby seals. . .I just can't help thinking how well suited your style is to moody skys, grey green seas and rocky beaches, and what you could do with the theme of baby seals and mother love . . . I can see I'm going to have to make some time to watch "The Secret of Roan Innish" again. . .

    Don't know why they call them "typewriters" -- they don't type writing, they type letters. One at a time. Should call them "typeletters". . . I will hope "an old fashioned portable black typewriter with gold paint on" finds its way into that little attic studio soon.

  2. Goodness, that brought back memories of learning to type on my Dad's old Olympia when I was a child. The pain when small, not strong enough fingers missed the keys and get wedged between them! Hope you find your dream machine somewhere soon.