Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunshine on the garden and the Love Cats.

Early morning sitting in the garden with cats and only the air through the wings of a high flying raven to disturb my peace as I travel through the power of words from Pembrokeshire to Mexico. So peaceful even the flight of butterflies make a small whisper of sound.
John came back and loaded the car with hares and hounds and a fox and a heron and cheetahs and cherries, then headed off to Amanda's, though however he will squeeze anything else into the car I will never know.
The rest of my day has been sunshine and painting punctuated by reading in the garden, cats and thinking. Peaceful, perfect, undisturbed.

Small pink roses blossom in a pot and in my newfound enthusiasm for growing food I think I will turn the small sheltered square of back garden into more space for planting. I need a garden diary, so that I know what to plant and when and I think with my moon love I will go for the madness of biodynamics and plant according to the phases of the moon.
Watching the spinach re-grow does not make it grow and faster, so next year I must plant more. I have a beautiful recipe for spinach bhaji, with onion and spring onion and garlic and chilli and a little salt and black pepper. So good, just perfect. And next year two courgette plants should give us as much as we need. More leeks, more onions, more beetroot and maybe I can persaude the slugs to let me have the carrots by growing carrots in pots.

And in the meantime something John Foley said has made me revisit the Two Cheetahs Two Cherries. But this one will be called The Love Cats.

The cheetah and cherry paintings seem to develope along quite conversational lines.


  1. Sorry your carrots were attacked, if you sprinkle sawdust around tiny plants, it keeps away snails and slugs,an inch wide ring should be good.

  2. Jackie, I only plant two courgettes for my family of three, and I pick them quite young. I do find, however that by the middle of July, it is wise to replant as the older plants will peter out, or have something happen to them as mine did this year. These should have enough time in your climate to bear.

  3. I love the way the noses of the cheetahs are touching. I'm finding it interesting that sometimes you paint in what I think of as "series."

  4. I love how you are able to take an idea and flow with it. I imagine it being like finding an intriguing trail of little footprints and following them to see where they go. . .

    Cheetahs and cherries (with stems, please) are such an unlikely combination. . .who knew they would go so well together? -- thanks for sharing your serendipity with us.