Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Cheetah, one cherry, one Chicken of Time.

Walking by the sea watching colours change through from the palest silver blue to deep prussian green makes me realise why I love living by the sea. A few feet away a buzzard rose into the air and swept away across the field of gold. I walk under an ocean of air. Walking and thinking and then home to paint.

Cheetahs and cherries still wander through my mind's eye, while in the garden butterflies dance wild and settle, on flowers, on pots.


On the way home I called at the hardware shop to buy cleaning things. At last they have new timers in and some time ago I was sent some money for a Time Chicken. I now have one, but have lost the address of where to send it, so, if you who are reading this is the person whose timer broke some time ago, who has been suffering burnt food and time chaos and patiently waiting as time ticked past for a time chicken to be born from the egg of hours, I have one. Can you email me your address? 
Your chicken awaits.

And I have a spare for anyone else whose life is in a vortex of too much time spent doing what they shouldn't be doing and not what they ought to do!


  1. I think my problem is too much time spent doing what I SHOULD be doing and not enough doing what I SHOULDN'T be doing...but maybe I've just got my priorities wrong! ;-)

  2. I love the cheetah! How typically feline!-- bringing you an "offering" -- Maybe you should do an "alphabet" book with a little twist. . .

    "CH" is for CHerry that was CHased down by CHeetahs"

    Thanks for clearing up that "chicken of time" thing. Of course, now I want one. . .

  3. Jackie!

    Isn't it amazing how nature can inspire us?

    That chicken timer looks like a hoot too!


  4. Ah, that old problem - finding time to do those things that you want to do rather than those things that you have to do. I made a very firm decision on my birthday this year (July) to nurture my failing creative soul. To that end I ordered yet another copy of 'The Artists' Way' (having given all previous copies away to friends who needed their inner creativity nurtured) and began to write morning pages. So far I have managed three out of seven days! and I have failed to give myself an artist's treat - maybe I need a chicken to remind me to write my morning pages and looking at it would certainly be a treat! It would also be more productive than my four chickens, who are only laying one egg a day - in a nest that they have made under the ivy, preferring that to the henhouse. I think that they are camping.

  5. I need an alarm, not a timer, because I can't remember anything beyond 10 minutes. I've missed soooo many appointments because of my lack of short term memory. I feel like such a flake.

  6. I realised yesterday that I only think of painting, drawing and writing as what I 'should' be doing. Everything else is stuff that gets in the way. Some of it is pleasurable stuff. Some of it is drudgery.

  7. What a surprise to see the time chicken again...
    last year a member of the family was given one as a gift and I when I saw it, I just loved it!
    Often when I'm cooking I feel like I should be drawing and painting, but we do have to eat!

  8. Oh!!! My garden is filled with the kind of butterfly you have up there.. they all come to rest on this very muscky-smelling purple-flowered tree I have. Do you by any chance know what the butterfly is called?

  9. Lisa, I think that one is a red admiral or a tortoishell, and I bet you hhave peacock butterflies too and the bush is a buddlea or butterfly bush as they ae called.

  10. You have so perfectly captured the pose of cat-kind carrying off some treasure. I recognize the look of my felines pacing purposefully down the hall with one of my hair elastics or some other tidbit dangling daintily from their jaws.