Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Taking time, seal pups and the beautiful sea.

In the post yesterday, a portfolio of Starlight Sailor produced by a company called Rising Stars. Looks amazing and if you wanted to decorate a child's nursery these would be great. For working in schools they have all kinds of projects and things that you can do. Lovely.

My sister has been staying for a few days and we took her and the family, and Ann and Mark ( sister's inlaws)  and their children, over the hill to see the seal pup. And now there are four, and the cow seals are all coming to shore and lazing in the beautiful water waiting to give birth. Soon there will be seal singing.


Later we went to Whitesands, so busy in the day but in the evening the beach clears of people. This is the best time of day. Matthew and Edwards and Jane and her brothers all went down to the sea to swim while the dads took charge of the barbeque and Max and I sat on the stones and Hannah decided I was a new kind of armchair and Tom gathered things for a fire. I love the smell of smoke in the open air and it was lovely to sit and watch the sea change colour.

As it turned to darkness the sticks of driftwood caught with flames and the children sat around the fire in the darkness.
I forget sometimes to take time to do this.



  1. Oh wonderful! It's one of those simple things I've always wanted and and have never done, had a campfire on the beach. I don't think you're allowed to over here, certainly not anywhere I can get to easily.

  2. Love the picture of the sunset.
    How wonderful to live close to the sea.

  3. What a wonderful day!
    Those seal pups are just beautiful, I love the way their skin is all bundled up waiting for the pups to plump up.

  4. Family time is special no matter where you are, but being on a lovely beach makes it even "specialer!" Did you chat? or maybe have a sing-along, or did somebody tell stories?

  5. I wish I was part of that barbeque!