Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two and two, one and seven.


  1. your sketches are amazing! you can almost guess what the two cherry cheetahs are thinking...

  2. I'm thirsty. Think I need a Cheetah Cherry Cola.

  3. Looking at your charming cheetah drawings (I love how the bottom cheetah is holding one down with a hind foot -- "MY cherries! All mine!"), it struck me how the cherry stem was like a mouse's tail. Imagine how much fun the cheetahs might have "killing" a cherry. The cherry would roll about on its round "bottom" which would wave the stem about very temptingly. The cherries are also a nice size to bat about like balls and then chase down and pounce upon. --A chase of cheetahs play a chukka of cherry polo -- now that would be a sport I'd watch!