Sunday, August 15, 2010

Small tricks to still the turning world

It is always difficult when the world is busy and noisy, when there is too much to do, to centre and ground yourself.
In the process of tidying my space I spread out the hare oracle designed by Hannah Willow on top of one of my plan chests.
I shuffled the cards then laid them out, at the moment like a clock as I have a curious obsession with time. Each morning, if I remember, I shake the bag with the rune stones in and let one fall into my fingers.
Today it was the ancestor hare.
It gives me time to think, opens pathways, stills the world that spins too fast.

Today I have put the stone into my pocket and will carry it with me as I ride over the hill, above stone, and look out across the sea. We ride past a site of ancient burial where our ancestors placed their dead in cromlechs.


  1. The Hare Oracle is a gorgeous feast for the eyes and so are all your beautiful drawings of Hares.

  2. I've been feeling the same lately...too much noise and busyness, too much whirling about and running to stand still. I need some space to centre and ground. But perhaps you've given me an idea..."Over Sea and Under Stone"...a little holiday into a much loved book from my childhood might be just what I need.

  3. What an exquisite little hare figurine in the center of those intriguing cards. I love how you have "a rune for the day."

    These past 2 years have been hard -- "downsized" -- twice! -- working more and getting paid less, and having to live on half of what I used to make. Seems like work is eating up my life. I need to find some time to be creative again -- I've projects in mind, but there never seems to be any time to get to them.

    Your photos and art are a much appreciated ray of sunshine. Thanks.

  4. When I am stressed, I often do a Tarot reading. If nothing else, being able to sit still and ponder the meaning of the cards is comforting to a harried soul.

  5. I love to lose myself in your words and pictures when things get too hectic. It's such a break visiting here or taking one of your books and laying under a tree to read :)

  6. ah, a wonderful reminder to take time to pause, consider and be guided.

  7. It all sounds so magical and charming, Jackie!


  8. I have been in touch with Hannah Willow -- who will be sending me a Hare Oracle once she returns from her honeymoon!