Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Being wicked whilst waiting for paint to dry.

Described in the cook book as 'wicked', this is one of the finest examples of slow cooking I have ever managed. It takes 6 weeks and 20 minutes and is a collaboration of two books, Roast Figs Sugar Snow and Unwrapped, The Green and Balck Chocolate Cookbook, though in the case of the Green and Black book it is adapted. They use damsons and gin. I have used plums and vodka.

Then you wait six weeks and get yourself a dinner invitation where someone (Ffion) says, "you can bring pudding if you feel so inclined". Not wishing to be flayed alive and waiting fo paint to dry I gathered ingredients.


So, gather up
100 g (3 1/2 oz) caster sugar
8 medium eggs
500g (18 oz) chocolate broken into pieces 
250 g ( 9oz ) unsulted butter
 about 200g ( 70z) plums that have been drinking

Put the oven on at 200 c or gas 6.
Then break the chocolate, being careful not to eat too much, into a bowl with butter and melt it by putting the bowl into a pan of hot water. While this melts take the eggs and sugar and whisk them until they look sort of pale creamy. Pull some plums out of the vodka, being very very careful not to have any contact between lips and vodka depending on the time of day and whether work needs to be done. When the chocolate is melted put the plums in and then mix the chocolate mixture with the eggs and sugar and put in a flattish buttered dish. 
Cook for about 12 mins, until firm but wobbley, the pudding, not you. If you have managed to avoid contact between lips and vodka then you should be firm but not wobbley.
Take it round to a friend's house and share it, with some cream, just incase there are not quite enough calories in it. 

When it comes out of the oven it smells like some kind of heaven.


  1. wow, looking forward to supper his evening ;)

  2. Gosh darn it that looks yummy
    and well done if you managed to get most of the chocolate in and avoided wobbly (think I might have failed that test...miserably actually happily but you know what I mean)

  3. Thanks so much for letting me know about this treat for consumption on Wendesday...........,

    ............., see you Friday

  4. Ahh! So that's where I went wrong...I over-tasted as I went. Damn!

    This took me all the way back to Guernsey when my landlady gave me some sloes and I did wicked things with some French (was it Bendicks?) chocolate.

    I see you had some ginger help!

  5. Handily, I have some plums from the plum glut I put in vodka (or possibly brandy, I can't recall) last autumn... I know just what to do with them now!

  6. Please come round to dinner at my house anytime!

  7. Oh, Jackie... what fun you have in your newly remade kitchen! And how wonderful the pud' looks... this year I'll get to "do something" with the wild plums fromt the hill behind my house, make your plum vodka - and next winter (assuming any of the sloshed plums reamain) I'll make this wonderful chocolaty wobblyness as well!