Friday, March 26, 2010

Work in progress

work in progress, for the Musicians Benevolent Fund mug design.

A steady day of painting brought some peace of mind. Yesterday a phone call from John Foley at the Imagine Gallery. John had sold the first of my big hare drawings. Good news as I have more in mind. So The House of Golden Dreams will be parting with a couple of its drawings and making space for more.


  1. I'm diying to see the finished work :)

  2. What a fantastic mug that will be. I think the MHF will have record (ha ha) sales.

  3. Oh my I have just found you again this time on Blogger. The gold finch have not long returned to my garden and I think I have seen the painting of it maybe in one of my recent books or papers. I never thought to ask what picture you drew for "The War Song," never mind I will find it.
    Many hugs again
    Seligor, aka Dorothy Milnes Simm/

  4. Oh my goodness I have just gone to your profile, I wish you would go to mine, I am a Virgo 1st September and our love of music films etc is uncanny, except I'm almost 66. Gosh no wonder I felt so much feeling.
    Going again now. Dorothy.
    I am Dorothy Milnes-Simm on Blogger
    or seligorscastle etc .