Thursday, March 25, 2010

Falling into creative chaos

Day started well with sunshine and cats on window. Walked dogs on cliffs with ravens and blue sky. Took a photo of the dragon plant of Porthlliski. Cathedral looking splendid and snapped the ironic sign of William Henry Lewis.

 If you look carefully you can see my house from here.

He died.

On the cliff path tight fists of thrift held a promise of spring. 

Back home the morning which was meant for painting went all chaotic but too interesting as obsession took over and I phoned the V&A to talk to the curator of the quilt exhibition, ordered the catalogue, got the go ahead to do the tiger and the window design for the mugs and sold rather a lot of books.
And found a doodled rough for the nursery rhymes.


  1. That plant is rather amazing...sounds like you've been the doodled rough

  2. What an amazing cathedral!

    I was wondering if you'd heard about this very interesting charity which is part of the V&A Quilt Exhibition.

    Hope the link works.

  3. St Davids is an amazing cathedral and hasd a wonderful tour around it the other day with one of the vergers. Beautiful hidden treasure it is set in its valey. Will post some more pictures of cathedral and Bishop's Palace nextweek.

  4. I see a furry profile on the windowsill!!!