Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long list.

1. Make list.
2. Stretch paper.
3. Walk dogs.
4. Do rough for MBF card and maybe mugs.
5. Do two or three more roughs for nursery rhymes.
6. Bring website books page up to date with new work.
7. Wait for delivery of chocolates from Lauden and remember when they get here that they are gifts for other people, mostly. ( Phone call from chocolatier this morning and he said they had been tasting the chocolates all morning to make sure they are ok. I wonder if they have any job vacancies going?)
8.Tidy studio and bedroom ready for Anji coming to stay.
9. Try and track down the elusive Vivian French.
10. Leave a little space in the day for unexpected happenstance.

11. Pay the phone bill.
12. Cook the supper.
13. Write the two above on the list so that you can cross them off and not feel so bad about all the other things on the list that haven't been crossed off.

Found a place across the world where people have been playing with some of my dragons. Always lovely to see where they have been and who they are inspiring.

Rough for mbf Christmas card design. Folds down the middle.

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