Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes the hours slip by too fast to catch.

To do before the day's end.
1. Make list.
2. Pack up a box of assorted chaos and post to accountant (slightly overdue!) 
Slightly overdue and have been worrying away about paying bill and how they haven't sent it through, then found cheque stub that showed I had indeed paid enormous bill. And forgotten. Anyway, chaos in post and determined to behave better in future. Maybe will sleep better now.
3. Call around next door and see Glyn.
4. Do either a rough or two for the cat book or paint some more on the MBF card.
5. Pick up a fox and a bear from Haverfordwest and take in an egret, a woodcock and a running dog.
6. Hang some Snowleopard originals in The House of Golden Dreams.

Earlier today talking to Glyn next door and he said that old people have all the best stories. Well said. 
Walking around the village early evening was handed warm eggs from another neighbour's chickens. Freerange. Fresh. 

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  1. hallo, Jackie, I've just come back from working in Angers. I saw the most amazing theatre company from Marseilles whilst I was there, and I wonder if you, too, would find their work incredible. Here is a link to their website Good to catch up with what you have been doing. Lizzie