Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The dance of the light and the dark.

All night the lighthouse had swept the sky, searching for the morning. At last he was there, and he woke the weary lighthouse with a gentle kiss before gathering up the blanket of night and carefully putting it away. But the night did not wish to leave the world so she gathered, in legions of shadows, behind things, secret, where the sun could not see. There she waited for the world to turn and her time to come again.
And through this endless game of light and dark we walked again, me searching for something, the dogs reading the world with their noses.
We saw chough, a merlin, ravens, the sea, heavy and lazy and barely lifting a wave. We saw rabbits, and a black rabbit dark as midnight, as moonshadows, as a raven wing, again. We saw hut circles, distant islands, geese in flight and guillimots and gannets.
And I found and empty mind and then something, I hope.

Painting again through another sunny day.
The cats have been getting famous in Germany in a German cat magazine. I think they mentioned me in passing. In the paper version of the magazine there are loads of photos of them and they look just beautiful.


  1. Lovely prose for a quiet day...

  2. Your words and pictures bring your world so close to me,I walk with you,I watch and listen and enjoy.The faces in your watercolours are of a particular beauty they are human and real but also mysterious what makes them fairy-like.