Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skylark prelude and sunshine on horses

Quiet moments. Reading, early, in the bath. On the airfield outside St Davids a few skylarks herald the arrival of spring. The Icelandic ponies, so gentle, have captured the warmth from the sun in their beautiful coats.

Twice on the radio today I heard the phrase 'Higgeldy Piggeldy'. Working on sketches for Cock a doodle do and Higgeldy Piggeldy my black hen.

rough for Cock a doodle and Higgeldy Piggeldy

small dog, fiddling stick



  1. Just lovethat second picture. What a knowing eye.

  2. I love these horses-how did the Icelandic ponies get to Wales? I understand that once they leave Iceland they can never go back. Angie

  3. So what are you reading so early in the bath? Currently I am in the middle of Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel, which, co-incidentally is Book of the Week on R4.

  4. Reading Suddenly in the Depths of the Forest by Amos Oz, my second book from Mr B's, Lizzie. Keep meaning to blog it but there is always too much to do. Although today all I have managed to do is to avoid putting pen to paper. I have a huge piece of blank white paper ready, waiting, intimdating.

  5. I agree with Fiona. That second pic of the pony is absolutely perfect. What a beautiful, shaggy little creature.