Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bone Man

In the butchers I asked if they had bones. Daughter wants roast pork and applesauce and a dvd evening. No bones they said, the bone man came and took them. He comes every Thursday. The Bone Man. Every Thursday he comes to St Davids to gather the bones. What does he look like, The Bone Man and where does he live? Perhaps with Baba Yaga in her small house that runs on legs of chickens, with an avenue of firelit skulls that lead to the door. What does he wear, The Bone Man? Perhaps a twilight cloak of stars, dark. And what does he do with the bones, The Bone Man? 
People ask me where I get my inspiration. Today I would answer, "at the butchers".



Later, while I moved too slowly through the painting for All the Pretty Horses, the postman came.


  1. Your muse has been busy. I like reading about your thought process and as always, love your art.

  2. now i want to know: what does the bone man do w/his bones? does he need a few spares for himself--or ground up for the garden...?

  3. Just back from freezing cold Finland (minus 19 in the evening). I have enjoyed catching up with life at the House of the Golden Dreams. So the dogs had no bones - reminds me of Mother Hubbard and her cupboard!