Monday, March 15, 2010

Dogs, water, sand, sunshine.

 Today the air is thick with birdsong.

On Meg Rossof's blog, more on The Dog Man. Wonderul.


  1. they're having fun...we had deep late snow so our birds are busy gathering food except for the Ravens who joke while shopping...head half cocked they cronk at passers by from the top of the telegraph poles, the top of parked cars and from snow banks on the side of the road. Always on the look out for a snack and a chat

  2. They look so happy playing! The air was heavy with birdsong today ... my walk this morning with my dog and a friends dog was blissful... it was joy to see the birds flitting about busy with spring matters and the warm sun a welcome delight...
    Love Jane xxx

  3. They look so happy and full of life- it is such a joy to look at these pictures!

    The lovely, mysterious orange creatures of your other blog showed me the way to this one and i' m so glad i found it. Your illustrations are beautiful and the way you write about simple things is so warm and sensitive!

    There were two extraordinary ginger personalities who shared a flat with me for many years- sadly, not any more :-(

  4. Now I see where your pictures come from. It's all...just....there. (Big sigh) Heaven.