Sunday, March 21, 2010

Colouring in

1. Make list.
2.Paint for at least 4 hours.
3. Do roughs for mugs for MBF.
4. Put strange new trifid into pot.
5. Repot rosemary for kitchen window.
6. Walk dogs and cats and sit up high to watch birds fly.
7. Read, just a little.
8. Write up latest part of new story.
9. Think.
10. Supper.

 List for tomorrow.
1. Check list for today and do the rest of the things on it.
2. Paint for at least 5 hours with the very good help of The Time Chicken.


  1. ok I have to ask what does the triffid look like?

  2. I went for a walk at Porthlliski the other day Val and there was this enormous spikey plant lying on its side looking like a sleeping dragon plant, with beads of dew shining in sunshine. It had babies also and Jan who lives ther gave me three. In about 60 years time it might be bigger than the house. Will take a photo when I put them i plants and post the picture of 'the mothership'. She is being replaned at Jan's.

  3. I need a chicken clock!!!! Angie

  4. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity (my daughter might refer to it as nosiness) ...I love the idea of a sleeping Dragon plant.