Saturday, March 6, 2010

Boats and paintings and woods and shoes and drowsy water rats.


Milford Haven seemed further away on the second day. Maybe it was the bin lorry, tractors, red traffic lights etc. Just as well I didn't read the sheet of paper that told me that I didn't have to be there until 10 am, so I managed to arrive early despite the best efforts of others.


And Milford was dressed in beautiful winter sunshine. On Thursday I had managed to retireve a few more paintings that were hanging in the port authorty offices. It seems that the Waterfront Gallery had 'forgotten' to mention that they had loaned work out. Luckily I had remembered what was missing. They now hang in The House of Golden Dreams.

Today, walked in a wood, slept too late, thought about wings, found a shoe that had been left by a princess in the garden.

Some time ago the cats wrote about another old shoe found inside the house, on the cats' blog. It is a haunting tale of a hobnail boot that site in my studio, never to leave the house. So, I now have a studio shoe and a garden shoe. The white one was Hannah's, kicked off on a tree climbing, sun filled summer day. To find out about the other, follow the trail of the shoe link.

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