Thursday, March 4, 2010

Horses and birds and cats and children and dragons.

Walked this morning through that brief moment in time when the balance of moonshadow and sunshadow is equal, when the ground was iron hard, water was stone and the birds were waking a new day. Could see the towers and chimneys of Milford from the high hill top. Ravens  were late to take to the sky, but on coming home they filled the sky with their black wings shining gold in morning sun.
Broke the ice on the water trough for the horses and gave them all a few handfulls of  hay that smelled sweet like summer. The horses were warm and their breath like dragon smoke.

Time to head to Milford again, then St Marks in Haverfordwest. I have fed cats, dogs, horses, wild birds and hopefully later will feed imaginations and then home to feed the fire.

And part way through one of the sessions with children one put up his hand to ask, "miss, why do you have hay in your hair?"

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  1. If I get out of the bed earlier do you think I may see the magical things you do-I can only hope-Angie