Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seasonal Behaviour

All over Christmas I worked really hard to finish The ice Bear. Then I worked hard on other projects and now I have had a week of getting the mug designs done for the MBF, so it is time to break free and do something for me. Even though I have deadlines and too much to do. Back to the drawing board, my favorite place to be, and time to do a huge tryptych based on this tiny sketch above.
Drawings of hares have gone to The Imagine Gallery in Long Melford and soon there will be more there. In the meantime, hares for Eostre and the moon.


  1. Your Hares hold a special magic...even the simplest of drawings :)

  2. Jackie, I just love your work (and your cats!). Thank you for blogging.

  3. Your hares have such movement and magic.