Sunday, February 28, 2010

All the pretty little horses

Sunday morning is jackdaw flocks and bruise dark skies, snowdrop and daffodil springing, lambs and ravens, north wind bear dancing drizzle falling peace.


Sunday evening is wrensong, goldfinch, blue sky, sunsetting, silver light on the beach and sea, twilight falling, west wind carrying fox call and tired.

Sunday night is full moon bright and constellation patterned, with birds bewildered to unquiet dreams by clearest frost breath shining.


  1. The painting is looking beautiful and I can see its going to be another beautiful book...

    A soft, gilded mist moonrise over here, hope you caught glimpse of it over there too!

    And looking at that picture of the sea rolling in, it occurs to me I've never seen moonlight on the sea... I must try to one day...
    Best wishes to you Jackie...

  2. Hi Jackie

    Just "stumbled" upon your site as I flew with Google Earth over Haverfordwest. It was here in this town where a Spitfire fighter pilot and retiree friend of mine spent his childhood.

    Why GE?

    I was trying to make a "video" of the sea along the Pembrokeshire coast. Turn down the daylight and your image brings to mind the first stanza in Arnold's "Dover Moon".

    Lovely art and images.


  3. Goodness what a strange connection.And I walked on the beach today and am still working on the same book that I was working on when I did this posting.
    Beautiful frost today. Cold.
    I illustrated John Gillespie Jr's High Flight for The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems. He flew spitfires, but the publisher would not let me paint a spitfire because they thought it was not as romantic as a bi plane. They were wrong! Beautiful poem.