Friday, January 29, 2010

3 Lists

On the beach today.
1. Lost necklaces from careless mermaids.
2. Feathers from Icarus.
3. The horn of a unicorn.
4. Scales from a sea dragon, green, glistening.
5. Hoof prints of a sea horse.
6. Turnstone and sandpipers, oystercatchers and curlew.
7. The soft salt scented skin of a Selkie, hidden behind a rock.
8. A small piece of a fallen star.
9. Wooden leg of a drowned pirate, with a carved map hidden in the close grain of the wood.
10. The bone of a sea monster, smoothed by sand and sea.

Things to do.
1. Make lists.
2. Blog.
3. Paint the bear child and his human parents.
almost finished, not quite and only four and a half more to go.
4. Make sauce for pasta.
5. Time travel.
6. Stretch paper that should have been stretched yesterday.
7. Capture elusive woodcock sprite.
8. Knit a bit.
9. Listen to Aerial by Kate Bush.
10. Make fire.


  1. It all sounds so lovely, and great to hear Kate Bush is still being listening to :)

  2. ooh time travel...when are you going to?

  3. It's a hard life when your accountant reads your blog!

  4. I have walked on beaches all over the world, but never on one as beautiful as yours!!!!!-Angie

  5. I hope that the moon with you is as beautiful as it is down here in Cornwall. That paper is taking a long time to stretch! Lizzie

  6. Ah no. Forgot to stretch paper and now there is a teenager in the bath!And forgot to look for the moon, but kids tell me that it was snowing earlier. Hoping for clear skies.

  7. Re. your accountant reading the blog:
    It's part of my work on your behalf. The bill's in the post!

    Now where's that return?

  8. I love your list of otherworldly things found on your beach, perhaps you have retained childhood's ability to move between worlds in the pause twixt breath and heartbeat...!
    A wonderful gift to have!
    Moonrise here was transfixing - a huge orb of silver-gilt swathed in misty robes, shame you missed it...
    And a wonderful painting by the way!
    Best wishes

  9. What a wonderful imagination you have.