Thursday, January 28, 2010

List 3

1. Check list from yesterday to see what didn't get done.
2. Make List
3. Wrap horses to put in the post.
4. Stretch paper.
5. Paint.
6. Don't forget to pick up Hannah, that Tom is cycling.
no parents evening surprises in store.
7. Pick up washing from laundrette.

8. Walk dogs.
Found, on the beach, a shell and  the inside of the shell looked like the night sky, when the moon is full.

9. Tidy windowsill and play with chess set. 
10. Read book.


  1. hope you get as far as the reading.

  2. See... three are completed already :)

  3. Making a list makes me feel momentarily competant and organzied. As the day or week goes on, the list begins to seem like a nagging reminder of unrealistic expectations!

  4. The bowl of shells from your walk is quite beautiful. What is the lovely translucent goldish thing? Special salty treasure... perhaps a home for an animal?

  5. Frankinsence. The gold. Not from teh beach though. I had a pot of it that has just resurfaced in the house.

  6. Your first list of enchanting beach treasures is a list to dream on. I love it.