Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Juxtaposition on a buffalo day

Walking today, the song of lapwings on my right, the song of the sea to my left, buffalo in the fields, a raft of scoters in the sea and a seal. And the cold is back, and I have a fire blossoming in the wood burner.

Playing with words and drawing a hare. There are three big drawings of dancing hares now. I wanted to see how different the drawings would become if they had a different partner. Although the photographs are not very good as I can't get both good enough light and far enough away they do give an idea of how the dance changes. Would love to do a whole room full.

The new hare looks much more flirtatious when partnered with the old. She has the old moon in her eye.
( if you click on the link to the lapwings there is a sound file so you can listen to them too)


  1. Jackie, I followed your suggestion and listened to the Lapwings ... My Afghan Hounds set up a huge din, telling me that foreign agents had staged an invasion of their ear-space!

    How did the buffalo come to be in Wales? Surely they aren't a native species?

  2. The dancing hares are wonderful! I think this might be the time of year when they'd be doing their mating dance. I love the buffaloes, although the shaggy Highland cattle remain my favorities.

  3. Jackie-I would love a room surrounded by a chorus of dancing hares-what a sight that would be!!!!-yours are lovely-Angie

  4. The last arrangement is probably the most accurate as when hares box, the female will often kick out at the male, who is trying to see if she is ready to mate.
    Absolutely love your style, very muscular and vigourous.
    Go to the Hare Preservation Trust site at www.hare-preservation-trust.co.uk for lots more info on hares if you're interested.

  5. The hares are beautiful, do let us know if you plan to make prints... (I will be first in the queue!).

    The buffalo are cool too! Just outside Stonehaven, where I live, we have a herd of bison - I had to do a double take the first time I saw them! - and also an ostrich farm...

  6. Beautiful drawings Jackie...
    In the place I lived several years ago (before children!)I used to walk every day through the hills and fields, and on twilit summer evenings hares would leap out right under my feet from the long grass and career away!
    I do miss them, your drawings reminded me.
    Keep well...

  7. Wow, wow, wow! AMAZING!! I am just blown away - how can you do this? They are soooo beautiful!
    Buyig my print soon Missis!

  8. You want me to post it to you this week Liz. Sort out payment soon?