Thursday, January 14, 2010

Painting, walking, dreaming.

Early morning dawn chorus of lapwing song. Walk on the beach in the most beautiful light. Slow working pulling a painting together.

Clicking on the images will make them bigger.
Now is the time for quick decisions as I have to move on to the next painting. Icebear needs to be finished but I have pretty horses and lions and unicorns in my head.


  1. Inspiration never seems to wait patiently while you finish the "must get dones"!!

  2. It must be hard to transfer from one world you have become absorbed in into another...
    and yet if they didn't draw you in, it would be difficult to make them so beautifully real...
    (if that makes sense..not sure if 'real' is the right term for a magical imaginary land transferred to paper)

  3. Breathtaking, the photo then the drawing! You are so gifted; I'm in awe.